HSE University

The Higher School of Economics was established in 1992 as the first university operating under international standards in Russia to train economists for the Post-Soviet economy. Now a dynamic university with four campuses around Russia, HSE is a leader in combining Russian education traditions with the best international practices. HSE offers outstanding educational programmes from secondary school to doctoral studies, with top departments and research centers in a number of international fields.

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ESN HSE Moscow started in 2014 as HSE Buddies Network, an independent student organization aiming to help international students of HSE to adapt to studying and living in Moscow. In December of 2015, after coming to a conclusion that we share all key values and goals of ESN, we decided to join the Network. On April 13th, 2016, ESN HSE Moscow was officially proclaimed the third Russian ESN section. 

Today we keep doing our best to help international students of HSE feel most comfortable and entertained in Moscow and Russian cultural environment. All our activities are coordinated by the section board and organised by a number of active membersBuddy Volunteers are also still functioning, now as one of our section's major projects.

The logo of our section is a crow - HSE University's beloved mascot.

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