Irina - President & Communication Manager
18/09/1998 - Faculty of Social Sciences - No Erasmus yet
Loves: good sense of humor, sleeping, dancing, learning and going out with friends
Hates: hypocrisy, lies, rumours, procrastination and soda
Speaks:  English and a bit of French

Sofya - Vice President
25/01/1995 - Faculty of Communication, Media and Design - No Erasmus yet
Loves: advertising, travelling, languages, art of 19-20 centures, exploring new cultures, watching YouTube bloggers, meeting friends, yoga 
Hates: stubbornness, laziness, rudness  
Speaks: English, French

Fedor - Treasurer & Card Manager
09/12/1998 -  Faculty of Economic Sciences - No Erasmus yet
Loves:  ESN'ing, learning new cultures and foreign languages, sending postcards to friends, hugs and snowboarding
Hates: small-mindedness, touchiness and indifference
Speaks: Russian, English and a bit of German

Elizaveta - Event Manager

06/04/1998 - Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs - No Erasmus yet

Loves: traveling, photography, learning languages, communicating with new people, historical reenaction, tasting dishes from different cuisine
Hates: narrow-mindness, sexism, deadlines
Speaks:  English, German and a bit of French

Natalia - Event Manager
07/10/1997 - Faculty of Law - No Erasmus yet
Loves: learning languages, books, going out with friends, night city 
Hates: lies and disorganization 
Speaks: French, English, German

Victoria - HR Manager
08/12/1997 - Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs - No Erasmus yet
Loves: reading (especially Russian classical literature), learning languages, self-development and learning new things, beautiful architecture, modern & contemporary history  
Hates: disorder and people being late
Speaks: English, Italian, a bit of French

Esenia - Local Representative
20/01/1997 - Faculty of Communication, Media and Design - No Erasmus yet
Loves: non-formal education, minimalism, adventures, non-fiction, chess, good design, pancakes
Hates: onion, time wasting
Speaks: English and a bit of Korean

Elizaveta - Buddy System Coordinator
08/05/1996 - International College of Economics and Finance - No Erasmus yet
Loves: experiencing new things, movies with an unxpected ending, talking on the phone, Korean food, tequila shots
Hates: making up facts about myself
Speaks: English

Olga - Social Erasmus Coordinator
08/06/1996 - Faculty of Social Sciences - No Erasmus yet
Loves: cycling, traveling, running, meditating and teaching kids
Hates: disorganization
Speaks: English and a bit of Spanish

Nikita - Mov'in Europe Coordinator
08/02/1997 - Faculty of Social Sciences - Erasmus in Freie Universität Berlin SS 2017
Loves: paper books, dachas, film photography, pelmeni, Natgeo instagram, mother, historical museums 
Hates: fur coats
Speaks: English and German

Maria - Secretary
25/05/1996 - International College of Economics and Finance - No Erasmus yet
Loves: new technology, pizza, white wine and Wes Anderson
Hates: stagnation, uncertainity and people asking to try out her glasses
Speaks: English and French