The legendary Back to the USSR party is BACK for the 6th time! Are you ready to dispel mystery about Russian soul and become truly Russian? Join the party to find out exactly what it feels like! 

Here are a few hints on what to expect:
- a huge cottage rented exclusively for us for the whole night!
- a swimming pool and a real Russian banya
- unlimited alcohol (including the most famous Russian drink if you know what we mean)
- some snacks to go with it
- special decorations in Soviet style 
Mix it all with international games – beer pong, billiards, and poker – to get the perfect combination!

Many more surprises and challenges are awaiting you, but it’s a big secret! You’ve got to see it with your own eyes!

Make sure to take your friends with you to enjoy this epic night together! They will be of great help if some moments will accidentally be erased from your memory the morning after.

WHAT: Back to the USSR Party Vol. 6.0
WHEN: February 10
WHY: To party like a Soviet Russian!
> 2300 RUB from Feb 1 till Feb 4
> 2500 RUB from MON to THUR
> 2800 RUB from FRI to SAT

CONTACTS: Natalia Gerasimova

10/02/2018 - 22:00
2300-2500 RUB
  • Everyone is invited.