What is money for you? How are you used to spend it? "Goods and services" as we are told in Microeconomics classes, right?

During our next Culture Cafe we'll tell you about the alternative ways of using money FOR GOOD. 3 stories of 3 students who surprisingly for themselves became fundraisers.

Is it possible/not easy/time-consuming, and just worth it? The answer is yes. Solemnly swear that after this CC you'll get inspired to start your very own charity project!

And during the event you'll be able to donate the money that will 100 % go to Интеграционный центр "Такие же дети", an NGO that provides kids of migrants and refugees a basic right to have education and to be integrated in the society. Syria, Afganistan, Ukraine or Kongo — all of us have the same rights.

WHAT: Culture Cafe: money for Good
WHEN: April 18 at 18:30
WHERE: Myasnitskaya, 11 room 325
HOW: please register esn-hse-moscow.timepad.ru/event/701408/ (if you are not from HSE, you should bring a passport)
WHY: to support ESN Social Inclusion Days, and to learn how to help others in a creative way!

18/04/2018 - 18:30