Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria??? WHAT? 

Hey, guys! We hope that you are well. Congrats on the end of spring session! Fingers crossed that you have successfully passed all of the exams, dealt with all of the deadlines and have written all of the essays. 

This week we have prepared something very exciting for you. Our next Culture Café will be dedicated to three slavic countries: Ukraine, Belarus and Bulgaria. Three countries, three cultures, three languages. Wanna know the difference? Our students will tell you everything about their native countries, so that you could understand that they are very distinct from each other. Don’t miss a chance to get to know the Slav’s peculiarities! 

WHAT: Culture Café: Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria 
WHEN: 4th of April 6:30pm 
WHERE: Myasnitskaya 11, room 326a
HOW: after the quick registration
WHY: To be a pro Slavic amateur!

04/04/2018 - 18:30 to 20:30