No weekend can be spent in Moscow while we still have so many destinations on our roadmap across Russia!

Next Saturday, September 23, we are going to visit Vladimir and Bogolyubovo – one of the most historic, picturesque, and atmospheric cities of the Golden Ring and the whole Russia. Since unique monuments of Russian architecture of the 12th-16th centuries are located there, the cities are often called ‘open-air museums’. 

The White Monuments of Vladimir and Bogolubovo are on UNESCO's World Heritage List. They include: the Golden Gate, the Assumption Cathedral, and the Cathedral of Saint Demetrius in Vladimir. In Bogolyubovo we are going to visit the church that is believed to be the most beautiful in Russia - the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. It was built in the 12th century and remained mostly untouched throughout all these years. 

The price of the trip includes:
1. Return ticket to Vladimir
2. Return ticket from Vladimir to Bogolubovo

If you feel like going, please follow the steps:
1. Fill in this Google form ASAP. The limit is 30 people: we have too much registrations, we'll make another trip later!)
2. If you are among the first 30, you’ll get a text on FB that you are in, after that you can pay for the trip, and you should SEND A PHOTO OF YOUR international PASSPORT because we’ll be buying the tickets back to Moscow in advance.
3. The early-bird price for the trip is 2100 RUB. If you pay on September 21 or 22, then it is 2300 RUB.

How can you pay? Before & after the Paintball BattleCulture Café: Russia, or during the week to our volunteers in dormitories and at Myasnitskaya. Everything will be posted here.

Any questions? Text Elizaveta Zasova!

Do not miss your chance to travel to medieval Russia. No time-machine needed!

23/09/2017 - 07:00
  • Everyone is invited.