During you first weeks in Moscow we would like to invite you to share love with our little friends. Some say that giving love is the best way to feel it. Join our Dog dating event and ask on a date the one that you like the most! 

We are going to visit an animal shelter at VDNKH together. You can make dogs' days brighter by walking them and playing with them for an hour. Maybe you'll fall in love, who knows... 

Please sign up for the Dog Dating event in the form (we have limited number of places): https://goo.gl/forms/sGdiRVTDetpLUJ1J3 

For more details or questions you can contact Olga Leschenkoo

WHAT: Dog Dating 
WHEN: January 28 (meeting at 10:45 at VDNKH metro station, take your passport/ID with you!) 
WHERE: VDNKH dog shelter 
WHY: to share your love

28/01/2018 - 10:45
  • Everyone is invited.