Our first cultural and educational trip! 

This time we invite you to join our trip to Vyazma. It is a small authentic town about a halfway between Moscow and Smolensk. Oh, this is going to be special!

We want to promote international mobility among young people, and you are the role model for open-mindedness and seeking for education and adventures! Would you help us? :)

It's the first time when our international HSE students will stay at host-families’ houses (warm welcoming and Russian food included). Everyone will get a chance to represent their country to local school students and their parents. 

Here is a program description: 

November 11th 
> bus-trip and arrival at around 1pm
> lunch at a local pizza place
> a walk and a city quest 
> workshops 
> a cultural evening with locals 
> meeting with host-families 

November 12th 
> before lunch, you will spend a great time with hosting families 
> after lunch we visit Cultural and Nature Museum Preserve Khmelita (aka Usad'ba Griboyedova) 
> souvenirs, ‘bye-bye’s and the railway station 
> we depart from Vyazma at around 9 pm. 

The price is 2900 RUB until November 4, and 3100 RUB after that. 
What’s included:
- Staying at your host-family and breakfast, lunch and dinner there
- Round-trip ticket to Vyazma
- The tour to Usad'ba Griboyedova

For any questions text Esenia Lee
We have 22 free spots. Please, sign up first: https://goo.gl/25Voth
IMPORTANT: once you register, you should send a photo of your international passport to Esenia because we’ll buy the train tickets in advance!

WHAT: EDU-trip to Vyazma
WHEN: November 11-12
WHY: to inspire youngsters to broaden their horizons!

11/11/2017 - 10:00 to 12/11/2017 - 22:00
3100 RUB
  • Everyone is invited.