Are you afraid of darkness? Do you get goosebumps after listening to horror stories? Have you ever jumped out of your skin?

Well-well-well… There is one special night a year when all the good things turn into opposite, one special moment when ESN stands for Evil Spirits’ Night. We bet you are thrilled and want to be a part of it, aren’t you? Halloween costumes and make up, creepy atmosphere and frightening decorations, crazy drinks and insane partying. Get ready. 

They all are watching us… The clock is ticking…

The early-bird price is 1500 RUB if you pay till Wednesday; after that — 2000 RUB.

What's included in price:
> unlimited alcohol
> special Halloween cocktails
> homemade bewitched cookies
> music All Saints' Eve long
> Halloweenish activities and fun, decorations and hella good atmosphere
P.S. Be careful, some tickets may be cursed!

Contacts: Natalia Gerasimova

WHAT: Evil Spirits’ Night
WHEN: October 31
WHERE: to be announced
HOW MUCH: 2000 RUB (the early-bird price is 1500 RUB till Wednesday)
WHY: to make your blood run cold celebrating the best Halloween of your life

31/10/2017 - 21:00
1500 RUB (2000 RUB)
  • Everyone is invited.