Wait, what? Is it December on the calendar? Is it the fourth (and the last, for many of you) month of staying in Russia? Does it mean that you go back home, and we'll never see each other again?

We invite you to join the massive Farewell Gala on December 15! Let’s celebrate the ending of this incredible semester, finally add everybody on FB (in order to have a couch anywhere in the world) and just have great time.

Now, feel intrigued because we are preparing SOMETHING. What to expect:
> Talent show
> Matryoshka Award
> Secret Santa 2017
> and *drum-roll* a huge final ESN HSE Moscow party

Excited? More info soon...

The early-bird price for the tickets (from now on till Sunday) is 1900 RUB. If you contact the event-managers on Sunday, then you can pay 1900 RUB on Monday.
If not, then the price is 2300 RUB next week.

For any questions you can contact Nikita GukovasNatalia Gerasimova,Irina Klimova

The world is small, and our friendship is bigger. Don’t miss a chance to meet all your friends in one place! See you there :)

15/12/2017 - 21:00
  • Everyone is invited.