Have you ever wondered how refugee kids get an education in Russia?

This is your chance to visit Moscow Integration center Kids are kids where 100 volunteers help migrant kids to integrate into Russian culture. Russian law says that everybody has a right to get an education, however, they ask for Russian documents which migrants do not have.
We invite you to contribute to refugee kids integration and participate in the Geography lesson. You can make a simple presentation about your country and help kids widen their view of the world.

Please contact Olga Leschenkoo Leschenkoo for more information. We are looking forward to your stories!

WHAT: Geography Lesson
WHEN: April 27 14:00 (meeting at Turgenevskaya metro station, orange line!)
WHERE: Integration Center (Turgenevskaya Metro Station)
WHY: to share the world

27/04/2018 - 14:00