Have you ever dreamed of travelling the whole world in one night? Well, even if you haven’t, ESN HSE Moscow will give you a unique chance to do this! 

On January 27, Saturday, we will arrange the International Dinner! 

It is a big and very exciting event we want you all to participate in. The idea is to create a culinary & cultural exchange for international and Russian students and, of course, to meet new friends from different countries (and dorms) and have endless fun together! 
We invite you to cook and share your countries’ most delicious traditional dishes and try some of the best Russian homemade cuisine. Our students are eager to show you what REAL Russian cuisine is — and believe us, you will be surprised! 

We will create «stations» for different countries where you will be able to show your culture. So, if you decide to actively participate, to cook and therefore to represent your country, be creative and feel free to share not only cuisine but also the most interesting and fun cultural peculiarities, jokes, little games, interesting facts… anything you believe is worth showing to any «tourist» ;) 

And if you don’t feel like cooking… Don’t hesitate to come and hang out, just remember to bring some regular snacks & drinks to share with the crowd!

No matter which option you choose, please, complete the form to participate!https://goo.gl/forms/W9AjoIE5r4GfrElo1 

And after the «official» and tasty part of the evening we will head out to continue our cultural exchange through dancing in a nightclub. So don’t forget to bring those drinks, okay? ;) 

SO… get excited, register, cook & have fun! 

WHAT: ESN HSE Moscow International Dinner
WHEN: January 27 at 8 pm
WHERE: Dorm 4❗️❗️❗️ (studyroom on the 4 floor!!!)
WHY: to show how amazing & delicious your country is ;) 

For any info & questions contact Viktoria Gliba, Elizaveta Kapinos, Alyona Vlasova

27/01/2018 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.