There are big problems with giving education to people who just came to the country. Schools don't except kids without documents, the process takes too long...
However, everyone has a right to get an education.

Hence, there is an NGO organization "Kids are kids" (Интеграционный центр "Такие же дети"), which helps children the essential right to have it. And you have a chance to attend one of the classes with kids up to 7 years old, we guarantee you will have a lot of fun and maybe decide to be one of the volunteers :)

You can find more information about "Kids are kids" organization here:

To register for the event (hurry up! The number of places is limited), please fill in the form:

For more details or questions you can contact Olga Leschenkoo

WHAT: Open class with migrants kids up to 7 years old
WHEN: April 28th 12:00
WHERE: Integration Center (Turgenevskaya Metro Station)
WHY: to teach kids and learn from them

05/05/2018 - 12:00