Looking for something new, unusual, and remarkable on September, 17? Then we are happy to announce one of our most popular and favourite events of the season – the Paintball Battle!

Paintball is a game in which two teams fight each other by using special guns with cartridges in the form of coloured balls. The atmosphere is very similar to the one of a battlefield, and all players wear a military uniform that helps them hide from each other.

The Paintball Battle will last a couple of hours and bring you and your friends truly unforgettable memories. Still not sure about going? We have another reason for you – a delicious Russian barbeque afterwards won’t let you stay indifferent :) 

The cost of the ticket includes:
- gear and special clothing
- coaching and game organization
- grilling place and meat 
- drinks (juice and beer)
NB! You'll need to bring snacks yourself (and drinks, if you want something special)

If you pay BEFORE 7.09, then the ticket price is 1800 RUB.
If you pay AFTER 7.09, then the ticket price is 2000 RUB.
Deadline is 10.09.

Want to join? Please, register in here https://goo.gl/fPnugn . And contact our Event Manager Elena Petrochenko if you have any questions. 
The info about the meeting point, how to get to the place and whom to pay will appear later. Stay tuned.

Even the weather can’t spoil the game! 
IMPORTANT: we have an agreement with a Paintball Club, so the minimum amount of participants is 30. If you do want this event to happen, please ask you friends to join!

17/09/2017 - 14:00
1800 RUB
  • Everyone is invited.