If you think that, while you are trembling before the exams, nothing can make you smile and no one is near to talk to except for the screen of your laptop... You are not right!

We are happy to announce that, thanks to your multiple requests, we are going to meet again at POBOLTAEM?

For those who are with us for the first time:
POBOLTAEM? is the first anti-club in HSE which connects foreign languages and cultures fans, lovers of multinational communications and simply open-minded people.

Each time we are changing languages and topics in rooms in the search of a Golden Ratio. And this time three rooms will be waiting for you: two of them will be designed for English-speakers and one — for the first time — for Germain-speakers.

Postpone deadlines, call your friends and simply speak! :)

WHEN: 13th of June (Wednesday) at 6pm
WHERE: Shabolovka 26
HOW: Fill in this registration form -> https://bit.ly/2kKcZXo
WHY: It's time you get out of your comfort zone!

13/06/2018 - 19:00