Hey there! Missed us? 

We sure did miss all of you! Being completely fed up with deadlines and homework, we are ready to blow off steam and have fun together! Sounds like a good reason to get together next Saturday for… Pub Crawl! 

Best shots in best bars with best students, sounds perfect for a little study break, don’t you agree? ;) Besides, our friends from ESN HSE St. Petersburg are bringing their international students for a little Moscow trip… Why don’t we show them how it’s done in the heart of Russian nightlife? 

The rules are the same: 1500 RUB for a ticket, 5 bars, 5 shots and all-night-long fun! 

• don't forget your passports!
• bring CASH
• under-18s can't take part in the event!
• no sport pants and t-shirts!

The ticket is 1500 ONLY IF YOU PAY IN ADVANCE! On-the-spot price is 1600 this time. 

WHAT: Pub Crawl
WHEN: March 17, Saturday 
WHERE: in front of the HSE building on Myasnitskaya, 11 
WHY: do you really need another reason to have fun? ;)

If you are in, contact Viktoria Gliba or Irina Klimova

17/03/2018 - 22:00 to 18/03/2018 - 04:00