SPEAKING ANTI-CLUB ‘poboltaem?’. Sounds fun and weird, right?

WHAT: ‘poboltaem’ (or ‘поболтаем’) is translated from Russian as ‘let’s talk’, an informal version. We want to keep it simple: you just come and... talk on different topics.

WHY ANTI-CLUB: we are not sticking to one particular language, each time you’ll get a chance to dive into a new one, learn vocabulary, chat with native speakers and international and Russian students, and make friends with a ton of great new people. No jokes, each time. And English will be the first!

WHAT EXACTLY... 5 thematic rooms: art, lying, hypothetical situations, middle grounds, advertising, where you can express your opinion and improve your English skills. Creative speakers, friendly climate, boldest thoughts and intense debates -- it’s all about us.

OMG WHEN: Wednesday, May 23 at 19:00
WHERE: Shabolovka 26, rooms 5406-5410
HOW: just fill in a quick form goo.gl/pRHcK9

The details with a full description of the rooms are in the FORM: goo.gl/pRHcK9!

Exciting, isn’t it? That’s why we all welcome you to spend this evening with us.
Moreover, early-birds will be able to choose the room by themselves. However, those who register later, will be able to get into one of the rooms with free seats. The number of places is LIMITED!

P.S. Our first event is only for HSE students and stuff!

#ESNpoboltaem #HSEgoesGLOBAL

23/05/2018 - 19:00