Do you feel like going on another adventure in Russia? Then we're ready to offer you a visit to Stalin's secret nuclear bunker of the second World War times located in the very heart of Moscow! 

Built during the 1930s, this place was an essential part of the USSR state defensive program as well as Moscow's 'second underground'. Sounds mysterious, doesn't it? Want to find out more about it? Then don't miss your chance to get all the answers this Sunday, October 22!

The ticket price is 700 RUB per person (with your Student ID). We can have 2 groups of 25 people each.

Deadline for payment is this Sunday, October 22. As usual, you can contact the event manager Elena Petrochenko for details. 

We're meeting in the centre of Partizanskaya metro station (blue line) until 1:10 pm. 

WHAT: Tour to Stalin's secret bunker
WHEN: October 22
WHY: To sit at the table where Stalin used to hold meetings and post a fancy picture afterwards

22/10/2017 - 13:15
700 RUB
  • Everyone is invited.