Do you feel like going on another adventure in Russia? Then we're ready to offer you a visit to Stalin's secret nuclear bunker of the second World War times located right in the centre! 

Built during the 1930s, this place was an essential part of the USSR state defensive program as well as Moscow's 'second underground'. Sounds mysterious, doesn't it?

Here's the explanation. Moscow's underground was built pretty much at the same time as the bunker. The best sculptors and artists of the time were asked to create the underground's interior design. The real reason for making the underground beautiful, however, was to stress its peaceful, not military purpose and hide the bunker and other parts of the huge underground war communications system.

The 'second underground' was several times bigger than the 'first' one. Another remarkable fact is that, being part of the secret communications system, Stalin's bunker is connected to the city center (the Kremlin) by 17km of railroad.

We invite you to explore this secret dimension of Moscow with us this Saturday, October 22, at 13:00! The ticket price is 200 RUB per person for a group of over 25 people, so please fill in the Google form below ASAP and ask your friends to join.
This way you'll help us make the event happen!

October 17, you can pay for the tour at Myasnitskaya 9/11 in the dining hall from 4 p.m. till 6 p.m.
Contact the organizers for paying another day.

200 RUB
What's included: 
  • Entrance fee
Contact details: 
Ekaterina Fedko
  • Everyone is invited.