Feel like finding out more about Russian culture and trying some traditional Russian products? Welcome to Kolomna!

The trip to this ancient city will take place next Sunday, May 13. We’ll explore Kolomna’s Kremlin and Old Town together with a guide who will reveal all of the secrets of the place. Besides, we’ll come by the Pastila Museum and Kalach Museum, where you will have a chance to get a taste of Russian history – literally! Another place worth visiting is the Soap Museum, as the soap there is still made according to the XIX-th century formula.

While taking a stroll along Moscow-river we’ll witness the raise of the Bobrenev bridge. On top of that, we’ll get to the heart of Kolomna – the square called Bl’udechko, the place where the city was originally established. And the real Russian Medovukha will keep you warm and energetic!

The ticket price is 400 RUB for a guided tour to the historic center of Kolomna. Apart from that, you'll also need to pay for the suburban train (300 RUB for a round-trip ticket with a student ID card). Finally,
don’t forget to take some cash with you for Medovukha and traditional Russian snacks!

If you feel like going, please register for the trip ASAP, as the number of places is limited: goo.gl/myXkyf
Feel free to contact the event-managers Kate Bilan and Alyona Vlasova, if you have any questions about the upcoming trip.

WHAT: a trip to Kolomna
WHEN: May 13
WHY: to escape from Moscow’s hectic life for one day and discover real Russia!

29/05/2018 - 10:00