The clocks are ticking, your semester abroad is coming to an end but you still feel that not every part of Russian culture has been explored… Kind of relate to that? Well, we know what you need! 

Samovar, pryanik, accordion, Yasnaya Polyana… Do you know what these weird names mean or, better to say, where they come from? Are you thrilled to extend you Russian vocabulary, get new emotions and discover the country from another angle? Then let’s move South from Moscow and welcome to Tula! 

Being first mentioned in Chronicle in 1146, Tula rapidly grew and became an armoury of Russia and a strong fortress against the invaders willing to reach Moscow: from tatars in XIII-th to German troops in XX-th century. But the city remained safe and sound and gained the name of Hero City. 

By and large, Levsha, Peter the Great, Nikita Demidov and pryanik monuments, the Tula Kremlin and Leo Tolstoy’s Yasnaya Polyana are on your sightseeing list. 

The price of the trip is 650 RUB and it includes:
- transfer around the city
- transfer to Yasnaya Polyana (14 km from Tula) and back
- entrance fee to the latter. 
Apart from that, you'll also need to pay for suburban train (940 RUB for a round-trip ticket; 470 RUB with a student ID card). 

Still not sure? Then here you are – a list of things you will experience: 
- A ride on Russian suburban train with all the musicians and traders ready to “serve” you 
- Tasting a REAL pryanik (gingerbread) from Tula 
- An UNFORGETTABLE ride on true Russian PAZ or kindly PAZik 
- Visiting Yasnaya Polyana or a birthplace and inspirational stronghold of Leo Tolstoy 

NB! Don’t forget you student ID card for discounts and some cash for breakfast, lunch and souvenirs! 

If you want to join the tour, contact: 
Irina Klimova (+79169618826), Daria Istomina.

DORM 4: you can pay to Lorenzo Tosi
DORM 5: Samuel Dab
Don't forget to text them in advance to arrange the details!

Also feel free to pay before and after CC:Mexico on May, 17.

WHAT: Trip to Tula 
WHEN: May 21 
WHY: to make your May in Russia remarkable!

21/05/2017 - 06:30