IF YOU ARE COMING, PLEASE REGISTER IN HERE https://goo.gl/nJiyMYBECAUSE WE HAVE LIMITED NUMBER OF PLACES. The ticket price is 600 RUB (50 % goes to charity).

The payment deadline is on Dec 2 at 3 pm, pls contact Irina Klimova

Charity is not about giving without receiving, it's not about losing, it's not about becoming sad. It is totally connected with the feeling of love, sharing, getting back more than you give, and simply – enjoying your life. 

We want you to try partying responsibly during our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. It'll be the second day of December, we are feeling that Christmas is coming, so it's the best time to dive into the Christmas mood, get your ugliest (and the most favourite) sweaters from the closet and join us for raising funds for Charity shop. 

What is CharityShop? It's the organization (charity fund and an actual vintage shop at the same time) that collects unneeded clothes for free, and afterwards:
> recycles them (if they are in bad condition) ~30 %
> gives them to those in need (if they are good and wearable) ~ 50 %
> and those 20 % of collected clothes in perfect condition are sold in their vintage shops (you can find 4 of them in Moscow) using profit for developing the projects and giving the most of it to their charity foundation. 

One of the main goal for raising money is providing working places to the people from socially unprotected groups and distributing the clothes to those who need and cannot afford them living in regions of Russia.

The price for the entrance ticket is 600 RUB. 
We are going to collect money for opening a brand new Charity shop in Kostroma! 50 % of the ticket price will go straight to Charity Shop and another 50 % covers drinks (no strong alcohol), snacks and activities. Let's see how much we can raise together! 

More information about Charity Shop: http://charity-shop.ru/ 

P. S. Very soon we’ll post some hints on what activities to expect, this is going to be Christmasy and fun!

For any questions contact Irina Klimova!

WHAT: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 
WHEN: December 2 10:30 pm 
WHERE: Charity Shop (Sadovaya-Spasskaya 12/23 blg 2) 
WHY: to party for a greater cause!

02/12/2017 - 22:00
600 RUB
  • Everyone is invited.