During Social Inclusion Days on December 10th ESN HSE Moscow organized one of the most favourable events among International students Dog Dating. At this event we usually visite a dog shelter, take dogs out for a walk in the forest, bring them some food and most important give attention, love and care. It’s been a while and on January 28th we went to Dog Dating again. What a surprise it was to meet a participant from the last time who has been going to the shelter every week since then!

This is Guanqi, and she is going to tell a love story between her and two adorable dogs...


«My name is Guanqi. I’m from Qingdao, China. I’ve  always been a dog lover. About two and half years ago my friend and I had a dog. However, she had gone missing when she was 1.5 years old. We never found her, and my heart was broken. At that point, I started to pay attention to the information from local animal rescue teams and animal shelters. I’ve been supporting them ever since. 

I moved to Moscow to live with my fiance Ivan about 7 month ago. He’s also a huge dog lover. After my few months of new life here in Moscow we finally settled down and got ready to have our own dog. We wanted to adopt him or her because we know that there are millions of dogs in the shelters that need love and a home, and we wanted to give it to them. So we started gathering the information about dog shelters in Moscow. Right at that point I saw the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) in my university (Higher School of Economics) was hosting an event in Red Pine dog shelter called «Dog Dating». We thought it was very interesting and helpful to get to know about the shelter and adoption, so we decided to go.

The day when we were at the Red Pine shelter, a volunteer brought these two beautiful girls Monica and Ramsey to the crowd. We immediately fell in love with them, went for a walk and spent amazing time with these creatures. The night after the event, we decided to adopt them. They were just so adorable that we couldn't forget about them. We found information about them on Red Pine Shelter’s official VK page. We contacted their volunteer Irina Kudrina the next day, and we went back to the shelter again. We’ve been told that Monica and Ramsey were found together and they had microchips when they found them, which means that they were in the shelter before and probably got abandoned or lost after they got adopted. Get to know more about each other, we’ve been visiting them a few times a week the past couple months. Every time we visit them we love them more and more. They always walk side-by-side. They are best friends.»

«The time has come. We finally turned in the paperwork for adoption after 2 months since we met Monica and Ramsey. It took around 5 days to get the approval then we signed the final paper. And now we have two new family members Monica the dancer and Ramsey the sleepyhead. We are so happy that we can spend every second with them. They made our lives complete. We appreciated all the volunteers who helped us. Thanks to all of you!»


Thank you, Guanqi, for sharing your story of love and kindness. It feels very inspiring!

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Interviewer: Olga Leschenko
Interviewee: Guanqi Li
Editor: Irina Klimova
Proofreader: Shannon Williams