Being environmentally friendly is getting more and more popular. But why? The thing is, when you act ecologically, you help not only the whole planet (sounds too global, right?) but also yourself and people around you. 

Right now HSE goes green, and we need your help! In partnership with the student environmental organization Green HSE, our Social Erasmus team is aimed at promoting recycling at our university. 

We need 2-3 people from Dorm 5 to become recycling coordinators.

So, what responsibilities does it suggest?
1. Inform every new student and remind the others about containers and the importance of waste sorting
2. Inform dormitory administration and the Green HSE representative when there's a shortage of garbage bags, or the containers get full etc. 
3. Provide us with pictures and comments for our social networks and the website.

Requirements for this position? Just two main things: your wish to help the environment and genuine enthusiasm. 

This is a great chance for you not only to have fun in Russia, but also to make the world a better place! Recycling is not as common in Russia as it is in Europe and the US, but we can change it - together!

Nastya Andreeva 
+7 (965) 346-30-27