Dear international students,

Following your suggestions, we’ve decided to post our event plan for this semester. Here are almost all the events for September and October and the main ones for November and December:

23.09 – Moscow Kremlin tour. Unfortunately, we can take only 15 people for this event. If more people would like to join, however, we will organize another tour on September 30.

24.09 - The ‘Circle of Light Moscow international festival

25.09 – One-day trip to Sergiyev Posad 

30.09 – Moscow Kremlin tour (optional)

01.10 – Back to USSR Vol. 3.0 Party

09.10 – One-day trip to Vladimir and Bogolyubovo

16.10 – Stalin’s Bunker guided tour

31.10 – Halloween Party

As far as November and December are concerned, we’ll definitely organize a trip to Saint Petersburg during November Holidays (November 4-6) and a trip to Murmansk in December to see the Northern lights!

Furthermore, we actively support two ESN international projects – SocialErasmus and Mov’in Europe.

SocialErasmus is aimed at encouraging exchange students to take part in different social-oriented volunteering activities. Each November all ESN sections organize such events during SocialErasmus Week, so you will also have a chance to become a change-maker!

The other project – Mov’in Europe – promotes mobility, diversity and tolerance. Next week we’ll have our first Culture café, where we’ll tell you more about the Russian culture. Afterwards it’ll be your turn to share your culture with us! Also, we’ll organize Language Exchange meetings, where you’ll be able to practice a foreign language in a tandem. Finally, we’re planning a huge International Dinner in the second half of October.

We hope this schedule will help you plan your time in Moscow. And if you have any other ideas for the events, don’t hesitate to contact us!


ESN HSE Moscow Board