What was the event about? Why Exchange Night? What is Mov’in Europe? All these questions and more are answered below. Read everything you should know about this event right here!

– Why didn’t I hear about it?

Because the event was organized specially for students who are nominated for mobility.

– Who came up with the idea of the event?

The event was organized by members of ESN HSE Moscow in charge of running the Mov’in Europe project. ESN runs this and similar projects globally. The main aim of the event was to provide the students who are nominated for exchange programs with useful knowledge and ideas. The topics discussed included budget management during long trips abroad, differences in academic culture, and much more, which will be helpful for the students leaving HSE to study abroad this semester.

– Okay, sounds good. But how did exactly it happen?

The 45 attendees were separated into two categories: mobility nominees and experts (mobility programs alumni and current exchange students from abroad.) 5 experienced students shared stories about their mobility experiences, connected to four different topics that we discussed: Money, Studies, Time and Inspiration. Mobility nominees discussed the most relevant issues concerning their future studies abroad, experts shared their experience and gave advice on specific local contexts.

– So how do participants feel about all this?

Levon, exchange program nominee: This was a sweet and kind event. I really love the family atmosphere there. I also understood that everything would be fun, and small problems will not ruin that. I learnt some important things, but I was quite disappointed when I was told that it was illegal to download pirated content in Germany - because you can get a big fee!

Katia, expert: I was an expert at the German table and moderated the discussion. Because of the comfortable environment, the discussion never stopped, with no awkward pauses. Topics were familiar and important for every participant, so we did not even have enough time to discuss everything…

– I would like to get involved! Can I join events by Mov’in Europe?

Sure! We’ll be having more events this semester. First of all, if you’re planning on participating in an exchange program in the next semester (or you already have exchange experience) then we’ll see you in May right after the orientation session by HSE International Office – on the 2nd Exchange Night. Then we’ll organise more events to share  experience and knowledge of the opportunities that the global world gives us today – be sure to come and get inspired! Anyway, follow the ESN HSE Moscow Facebook page as we will announce everything.  

By the way, if you have read this far, we’d like to thank you for your interest in ESN live. It’s our greatest wish for you to know more about our activity and be part of it. So, keep an eye on our page and don’t hesitate to suggest your ideas and participate in our events! Stay tuned!

Author: Fedor Shaulin
Editor: Nikita Chichkin
Proofreader: Rachael Horwitz
Pictures by: Daria Parshina