What's up? Are you about to start learning Russian? Or do you want to improve your language skills? Or maybe you are already an advanced speaker and just want to broaden your horizons?


If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" then keep reading.


These days, the pace of our life is really fast, and we simply don't have enough time for reading text sources. However, the solution to this issue can be podcasts which save our time and give an opportunity to have other businesses done during listening to them. Today, we would like to share with you our list of must-listens.


So lets start.





1) http://ruspod.com/levels/

Ruspod” is a pretty informative source which provides us with short podcasts and articles about literally everything. It should be mentioned that there is also a division on levels of knowing the language on the website which can simplify your life. Moreover, in the audios there is an English explanation after every small talk in Russian. #werecommend


2) https://learnrussianstepbystep.com/en/145-making-friends-in-russian/

Learn Russian step by step” is a useful source for people who have just started learning the language. Surfing on this site, you can find lots of articles with rules and explanations, short audios with dialogues, and monologues on different topics.


3) https://realrussianclub.com/slowrussianpodcast/

It is the podcast that also offers you short audios on various subjects, but a curious detail is that a broadcaster speaks really, re-a-lly, r-e-a-l-l-y  slowly. When you listen to it, you will understand what we mean. It can be really useful for those who make their very first steps in learning Russian.


adventure time GIF




1) https://russianpodcast.eu/

The first podcast that we would like to tell you about is "Russian podcast", (pretty original name, huh?). There you can find records on different topics and for different levels. Furthermore, it also offers written articles which include notes about the culture, draw a vivid portrayal of Russian reality and give useful recommendations on how to survive in this beautiful country.


2) http://radiomayak.ru/podcasts/podcast/id/45

Next one is "Brendyatina"("брендятина" in Russian). In its name, we can notice a funny play on words: "бренд" (brand) and "бредятина" (rave). So its founders have decided to mix these two words, it actually makes sense and gives a hint at what it's about. There are always three or four radio hosts who choose a brand for the program and give a talk about it. Its style is also curious; one person always tries to tell the audience about the brand itself, while others make it comical. So there you can hear real native speakers’ speech on all sorts of subjects (which, of course, have some kind of connection with brands).


3) http://zavtracast.ru/79.html

Zavtracast” is our next podcast, and as it is written on their main page it’s about tomorrow (“завтра” or “zavtra” is “tomorrow” in Russian). According to iTunes, it’s one of the most famous podcasts about games, media and technology in Russia. Usually it lasts about 2 hours in a format of a discussion. What is more, there you can find loads of articles on thrilling topics.


4) http://radiomayak.ru/podcasts/podcast/id/703/

This one (and the last one for today) invites us to listen to the wide range of short audiobooks. Actually, it is a section on the radio, but it doesn’t matter, especially when the speaker has really nice pronunciation and intonation.




And have a nice day


P. S. You can find even more podcasts here: https://goo.gl/VNfhCu. Enjoy!


Author: Anastasia Filatova

Editor: Irina Klimova

Proofreader: Kaelyn Cook