HSE Summer University is a new initiative designed to provide students, PhD candidates, postdocs and professionals from around the world with unique opportunities to enhance their knowledge of Russia and Eurasia. The Summer University offers a broad interdisciplinary selection of courses in the domain of International Relations, History, Political Science and other social sciences and humanities.

ESN HSE Moscow announces an open call for buddy volunteers for the Summer University - 2016!

Who are the buddies? They are volunteers who help international students to adjust to living in Russia and studying at HSE. Each international student can be provided with a buddy who becomes their first friend in a new, unfamiliar environment. Buddy helps the international student to overcome a fear of the unknown, cope with everyday difficulties and experience the real Russia! 

Help of the buddies is required from June 20th to August 20th. If you're staying in Moscow for the whole summer - or the most of it - it's a great opportunity to make your summer break more interesting and multicultural!

You can read more about buddies' responsibilities here and become one by registering in our online system.

Open call for volunteers for Summer University is open until June 15th. Volunteers who register later than this date will be automatically redirected to work during the Winter Semester '16-17.


If you are an international participant of HSE Summer University and you want to request a buddy, you can do so by filling this form