If you think that you have seen everything in Moscow so far, we are pretty sure you haven't. Even the most jaded Moscovites can find the places they have not seen from the top 5 list that we created! Enjoy your staying in Moscow, and don't forget that you can never fully explore the city, there is always something left...






Елисеевский гастроном (Eliseevsky Gastronom)


 When a Supermarket is also a piece of art

On Tverskaya street, right in the heart of Moscow, one of the most incredible pieces of architecture is located. It will take you by surprise and make your jaw drop. But, let's not forget that it’s a supermarket! Returning to its roots, the Eliseevsky store is more than 100 years old and boasts a rich history. It was open in 1901 and named after its owner. However, during the Soviet era the store was renamed “Gastronome №1” but the name didn’t stick, and people continued to refer to it by its former name “Eliseevsky”. You are bound to experience lots of bright emotions and great impression after visiting it. In such a grand and beautiful example of neo-baroque style, you can buy different national Russian sweets, souvenirs and, of course, get aesthetic pleasure.


Address: Tverskaya street, 14

Working hours: 24/7


Измайловский Кремль (Izmailovsky Kremlin)

Every tourist, who has visited Moscow, is familiar with the Moscow Kremlin, but only a few know there is another one located beyond the major tourist areas.

The Kremlin in Izmailovo combines many features of ancient Russian Kremlins from different centuries. The architectural masterpiece is located on a large hill, surrounded by partially wooden palisade and partly stone walls with large towers and a bridge. Architects recreated the Izmailovo Kremlin from drawings of the royal residence from the XVI-XVII centuries. Museums, located on the territory of the Kremlin, help provide a window to the past. Moreover, there is a windmill, pottery, weaving and blacksmith shops with the possibility of learning the trade.

There are workshops on painting dolls, pottery, sculpting and colouring Dymkovo toys, rag dolls, weaving, Gzhel painting, etc.


There are two remarkable markets next to the Izmailovsky Kremlin: a flea market and the Izmailovsky Vernisazh. The Vernisazh offers a wide variety of souvenirs and handcrafts from different Russian regions in traditional styles such as Khokloma, Gzhel, Palekh, while you can purchase antiques, furniture, old books, etc. in the flea market.


Link: http://www.kremlin-izmailovo.com/

How to get to Izmaylovsky Kremlin: the closest metro station is Partizanskaya. The Kremlin is 300-400 m (1000-1300 ft) far from the station

Opening hours:

The Izmayilovsky Kremlin: daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
The flea market: Saturday-Sunday from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm
The Izmailovsky Vernisazh: Saturday-Sunday and Wednesday (day of wholesale trade) from 09:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entrance fee: The Kremlin, the flea market and the Vernisazh are free

The Izmailovsky Kremlin also houses several museums:

1.        Museum of Russian vodka. Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00. Entrance fee: 180 rub. The museum introduces visitors to the long history of Russian vodka. What is “chekushka”? How big is traditional Russian cup? What kinds of vodka were the most popular among members of different social groups? Visit the museum to find the answers.

2.        Museum of Russian Folk Art. Open on Tuesday by appointment only from 10:00-18:00, Wednesday-Friday 10:00-15:00, Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00. Monday is a day off. Guided tours by appointment only. The museum presents the different works of folk artists: old folk musical instruments, household items and utensils, folk costumes, etc. The visitors will be immersed in a rich and colourful world of Russian folk art.

3.        Museum of the History of the Russian Fleet. Visits by appointment only. The Museum of the History of the Russian Fleet was open in 2009. It displays the achievements of Peter the Great in the creation of the Russian Navy and showcases the main events of naval exploration conducted by Russian sailors, the course of the First Kamchatka Expedition, the history of the Crimean War, the Russian-Japanese war of 1905 and World War II.

4.        Museum of Pastila. Monday through Friday 11:00-19:00. Saturday-Sunday by appointment only. Admission – 350 Rub, tea party – 1000 Rub. Russian marshmallow, or Pastila, is a dessert handmade from baked apples. Visitors will learn about its history and will try it.

5.        Museum of plasticine miniatures “World History”. Wednesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.

6.        Museum of Animation. Wednesday-Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00.

7.        Museum of Chocolate. Wednesday-Friday from 10:00 to 15:00. Saturday-Sunday 10:00-18:00


Еврейский музей и центр толерантности

(The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center)

The Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center Museum is housed in the Bakhmetyevsky Bus Garage – the world-famous constructivist masterpiece designed in 1926 by Konstantin Melnikov and Vladimir Shukhov. The main goal of the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center is to establish a creative, interactive platform for dialogue between different cultures and create a space for spreading the ideas of peace and cooperation. This ground-breaking museum is divided into 12 galleries and features a host of high-tech displays based on the latest interactive media technology. The Tolerance Centre both forms an integral part of the Museum exposition and constitutes an independent platform for holding training sessions, lectures, seminars, practical courses, round tables and many more.


Thanks to different research activities, educational programs for children and grown-ups, large-scale exhibition projects, and a wide range of excursions – the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center represents a multifunctional cultural institution open to everyone.


Link: http://www.jewish-museum.ru/en/

Museum's services: museum shop, lecture hall, Internet access, museum's cafe, equipped for people with disabilities 

Address: Obraztsova st, 11, build. 1A

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday 12:00–22:00

Friday 10:00–15:00

Saturday and Jewish holidays are days-off


Мультимедиа Арт Музей (Multimeadia Art Museum) 

«This is a treasure, especially as a showcase for a century’s worth of incredible recovered Russian photography. In Moscow, a city offering remarkably little in the way of public art private contemporary art spaces its little shy of miraculous»

It is a Russian state museum dedicated to presenting and developing actual art related to new multimedia technologies. The Multimedia Art Museum contains publications on photography, contemporary art and social problems on the functions of art.


MAMM has a studio that teaches children and adults different shooting and printing techniques. The auditorium is open on the bottom floor of the museum. You are welcome to attend different lectures on the history of classic and modern art, and see world-renowned art celebrities during festivals. The museum also collaborates with leading European art institutions as part of the students’ exchange programme. You are bound to see something incredibly interesting if you visit MAMM.


Link:  http://mamm-mdf.ru/

Address: Ostozhenka St., 16

Opening hours:

12:00 – 21:00 every day,

Monday is a day-off


Мосфильм (Mosfilm)

Mosfilm is the undisputed leader of Russian film industry. The studio produces almost all Russian motion pictures, television and video products.

Its output includes the majority of the most widely acclaimed Soviet-era films, ranging from works by Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Eisenstein.


You can visit it and pass through the area of the legendary “Mosfilm” studio, getting acquainted with its past and bear witness to its present. The museum exposition changes regularly because many exhibits are used during film shoots, so when some things leave the museum for filming, other items from the rich “Mosfilm” collection take their place. The heart of any film studio is, of course, the film sets. It is interesting to see how they look, because only then it is possible to glance upon another era or witness the decor of an apartment built up on a set.


Link to book an excursion: http://www.mosfilm.ru/fans/excursion/ An excursion lasts for 1 hour 30 min

Schedule: Tuesday – 15.00, Thursday – 15.00 and 18.30, Saturday and Sunday – 11.00. All tours should be booked in advance.

Price: Adults – 460 rubles

We do hope that this article was useful, and you are going to discover something new about the capital of Russia. If you have any questions left, feel free to ask us on Facebook!

Author: Aleksandra Filatova

Editor: Irina Klimova

Proofreader: Patrick Rolph